Paul Eklund

Lightshine’s Founder & Executive Director

Paul became a follower of Jesus at an early age. By his teen years, Paul felt a ‘call’ to help the poor & vulnerable. Losing his own father when Paul was 13, he bubbles with compassion and  Continue reading “Paul Eklund”

Rafael Gonzalez-Vizoso

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Gonzalez was initially educated in Luarca, Oviedo, Spain. His university training was in Chemistry (cum laude, 1995- Brooklyn College) and Medicine (M.D., Harvard University, 1990). Continue reading “Rafael Gonzalez-Vizoso”

Roger Lageschulte

Board Member

Roger, formerly an attorney, and Paul have been closely associated professionally and spiritually for decades. Roger did the legal work for the incorporation of Lightshine and  Continue reading “Roger Lageschulte”

Ben Eklund

Board Member

Ben is one of the original Board Members and served as President of Lightshine for many years.  He is currently a licensed Real Estate Broker (since 2004) and previously managed  Continue reading “Ben Eklund”

Grisela Olivera-Eklund

Director of Communications

Grisela has been the practical key to developing the necessary relationships to bring meaningful help to abandoned children in Latin America. She was born in Jalisco, Mexico,   Continue reading “Grisela Olivera-Eklund”

Richard Castaneda

Information Technology Consultant

Richard is our web and technology consultant who has helped us build websites and run large events through web ticketing and online communication strategies. Richard is also a Product Manager at Microsoft.

Continue reading “Richard Castaneda”