Grisela Olivera-Eklund

Director of Communications

Grisela has been the practical key to developing the necessary relationships to bring meaningful help to abandoned children in Latin America. She was born in Jalisco, Mexico,  but was raised in a poverty in Baja Norte (Ensenada).   Her roots provide deep empathy and understanding for the children we serve.  Grisela was employed by Heritage University for 8 years as a bilingual GED instructor.  She is also trained in nursing, lacking one semester for her nursing degree.  Her son, Richard (30) is a product manager in the greater Los Angeles area and the information technology consultant for Lightshine.  Grisela is the Director of Communications for Lightshine, traveling to Mexico and Peru to assist with Lightshine presentations.  In 2017 Grisela helped lead a Lightshine team of 7 professionals through training in Spain.  At the conclusion, one of the participants summed up Grisela’s role:

We came here to learn to be a team; but you (Grisela) made us into a family”.