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Training & mentoring those who care for abandoned and abused children

The KEY to healthy kids is healthy caregivers!!

OUR  NICHE: We specialize in training caregivers and leaders. We bring people together to design healthier environments for abused and abandoned kids.  Instead of warehousing children, we work with caregivers to create a family atmosphere so that orphans and street kids have a fighting chance at life!

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Practical ways to help abandoned & abused children

YES – you really CAN make a difference!!

“In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

You can help abandoned children

  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Training Caregivers
  • Develop Our Team
  • Change the Paradigm

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My life path was about to change

We left before dawn. A few hours earlier a couple Irish journalists invited me to ride with them into the Carpathian mountains of Romania. It was early 1990. They were doing a story on orphans and adoptions (and how ‘baby-selling’ was becoming a flourishing business). Romania was just awakening after decades under Soviet control.

It was a rutted, dangerous road. No street-lights of any sort. The four of us communicated in a mix of languages:  Romanian, French, German and English. The taxi driver slammed on his brakes:  “Aici”- he shouted!  “Ici” – I confirmed in French.  “Da”-he nodded. We were ‘here’. We slithered out of the taxi. It was cold…. And damp. And dark.

We started our way over a hilly, rough meadow towards a small village, lit by the morning outdoor cooking fires. We were about a 10 minute walk away from the first campground.

Little did I know my life path was about to change.


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Latest News

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Latest Event


Sponsor an orphanage and pledge your monthly support

One study estimates that Mexico has 400,000 homeless children. These children may be neglected and abandoned. Many are orphaned or runaways. Most have been abused. All suffered traumatic events. In 2019, Lightshine will give you the chance to “adopt” an orphanage (yes the whole orphanage)! We are calling churches, civic groups, businesses and families to provide monthly support to an orphanage this year. Our task force (from a church in Eastern Washington) will visit an orphanage east of Tijuana in January and again in February.

      • GoalMonthly sponsorship of orphanages in need
      • TrainingProvide quality training and education to caregivers
      • Healing – Providing therapy to heal trauma provides HOPE for kids!
      • Help UsRaise funds to assist with the needs of countless orphans

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2019 Causes


$1,000 of $47,000 raised

Our goal for 2019 is to pair up churches, businesses and families to provide monthly support for orphanages in Baja. Help us pair ONE orphanage with ONE caring donor EACH month!

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$0 of $5,000 raised

We are partnering with another non-profit to THWART trafficking and the sex-trade in Peru. Your donation will help reach kids in public schools and logistical (translation & transportation) costs.

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$0 of $23,000 raised

Out of 9 million, there are 150,000 orphans. Working through our local team, Jose & Karla, we will train foster parents. Help us bring abandoned kids off the streets into loving homes.

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