Paul Eklund

Lightshine’s Founder & Executive Director

Paul became a follower of Jesus at an early age. By his teen years, Paul felt a ‘call’ to help the poor & vulnerable. Losing his own father when Paul was 13, he bubbles with compassion and tenderness for children who need an advocate and a friend. Completing graduate programs in clinical psychology and in law, Paul had careers as a mental health therapist and as a lawyer. He facilitated adoptions and was a therapist (working with issues of domestic violence and abuse). Through his practice in international business law, Paul started making trips to Romania (1990).

After more than a decade of work with orphans in Romania, Paul founded Lightshine. He has three adult children (Bruce, Ben and BrieAnna) and six grandchildren. Paul is married to Grisela, a native of Jalisco (Mexico). Together they enjoy travel, family and helping children (oh, and salsa picante!)