Building character in children requires the right TOOLS!  Lightshine has cared for orphaned children for 2 decades.  We have developed power points, videos & assisted orphanages to develop quality, comprehensive care manuals.  We consult with government orphanages such as in Mexico & Peru.

Working with orphans in Latin America since 2004, Lightshine helped develop a model orphanage in Arequipa, Peru (“Torre Fuerte”), assisting with the development of training materials and seminars for working with abandoned children who had developed ‘attachment disorder’.

Lightshine has assisted institutions in Peru, Honduras, and Mexico with training materials and resources for improving the environments and systems in institutional orphanages.  Lightshine partnered with ‘Fairstart’ (a Danish non-profit organization founded by Dr. Niels Rygaard) to offer training (and videos) for house parents and those caring for children on a daily basis.  See link:

“Below are 2 Spanish Language Tools (Video/ Power Point). Presently we are working on a Comprehensive (Bilingual) Orphanage Training Manual”

 Presentación Lightshine Video

Apuntes de las III Conversaciones sobre Apego y Resiliencia