Training healthy, competent leaders and caregivers are the essential piece in the puzzle of healing for abandoned children.  Lightshine provides direct training nurturing and developing leaders and on-site caregivers.  We also network, providing links to quality resources (such as Fairstart).

November 2007  Lightshine sponsored an international conference on ‘Children At Risk’, in Lima, Peru.  The event was held at Pontificia University (Lima), featuring internationally known child psychologist, Dr. Niels Peter Rygaard (Denmark), as well as mental health experts from Latin America.   More than 300 mental health professionals and child-care experts attended this symposium.

October 2017:  Lightshine sponsored 9 delegates to a Conference in Spain to learn how to understand and design safe, child-centered environments for abandoned children.   All teaching and materials were in Spanish.  The delegates were administrators, attorneys, and psychologists from Mexico, Peru, Honduras, United States and Chile.  Each delegate returned to her/his country (in Latin America) to facilitate training of additional groups (see “Testimonials”)

November 2017:  Lightshine was invited by the Peruvian government to partner in a training conference for mental health therapists.  Paul & Grisela flew to Lima to meet with cabinet level leaders and to assist in planning a workshop for psychologists and child therapists.  Lightshine delegates Lucy and Carolina presented training materials re: attachment disorder (and abuse)- Nov 29, 2017.

“Below is a Spanish power point created by our Peru team (Lucy & Carolina) which was used to train dozens of mental health counselors in Peru’s government”.

Apuntes de las III Conversaciones sobre Apego y Resiliencia


February 2018: Lightshine sent two representatives to meet with members of DIF (Child Protective Service) of Baja Norte California.   Their goal:  to sponsor and arrange a training conference for child protection workers, orphanage administrators, psychologists and physicians. (Target date:  October 2018).