Providing TRAINING, TOOLS, & SERVICE … to People and Institutions who CARE FOR ORPHANS.

Healthy, competent leaders and caregivers are the essential piece in the puzzle of healing for abandoned children. Lightshine provides direct training nurturing and developing leaders and on-site caregivers. We also network, providing links to quality resources (such as Fairstart).

Building character in children requires the right TOOLS! Lightshine has cared for orphaned children for 2 decades. We have developed power points, videos & assisted orphanages to develop quality, comprehensive care manuals. We consult with government orphanages such as in Mexico & Peru.

The key to loving others is service…. And the best way to serve is by partnering with others. Helen Keller said it best: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. Lightshine was created to be a bridge, pulling people together to care for the most vulnerable humans: abandoned and abused children.


Every one cares about helping orphans.  Donating to Lightshine is an effective, efficient & reliable means to redeem the lives of abandoned children… orphans, street kids, castaways. For many years we provided direct care and assistance to develop quality, private orphanages in Romania, Peru and Mexico. Now we emphasize partnering with institutional orphanages, where the needs of children are paramount in the poorest areas. In 2017 we trained a core team of orphanage leaders from Mexico, Peru, Chile and Honduras. Help us cultivate & expand in 2018!!