Rafael Gonzalez-Vizoso

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Gonzalez was initially educated in Luarca, Oviedo, Spain. His university training was in Chemistry (cum laude, 1995- Brooklyn College) and Medicine (M.D., Harvard University, 1990).Since 1996, Dr. Gonzalez has been board certified in Emergency Medicine. He is presently the Medical Director of Emergency Services at Sunnyside Hospital. Fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, Dr. Gonzalez provides tri-lingual medical services. A board member of Lightshine since 2004, Rafael is presently Chairman of the Lightshine Board of Directors. He has traveled frequently to Latin America, including trips for Lightshine to develop relationships with the government and assist with Rotary/ Seattle University ‘living water’ projects. He has two college-age children:  a daughter (Gabriella) and a son (Rafael).