Mexico Trip, April 2018

Grisela and Paul visited Baja, Mexico in late April, celebrating the Mexican Day of the Child (Dia del Nino) with several friends. Part of their time was focused on meeting with the leadership of Child Protective Services (“CPS”) for Baja California Norte. In Mexico, “CPS” is known by the acronym:  “DIF”! DIF oversees the care of orphans and vulnerable children (more than 80 orphanages in Baja Norte).

On April 27, LIGHTSHINE and DIF formalized a partnership:  Working together to train 300 people who provide care-giving services to abandoned and abused children. DIF Director of Training and Education (Alejandrina Corral) met with Paul and Grisela (and also with two (2) DIF employees trained by Lightshine in 2017:  Patricia and Orlenda). Paul also met with Brenda Ruacho, President of DIF (Baja).









You can read more about the LIGHTSHINE – DIF partnership to train orphanage caregivers in our Spring 2018 newsletter.

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