Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, Olympia, WA, March 2018. Every year the Governor of Washington hosts a breakfast in March.This year Lightshine sponsored several diplomats from Latin American consulates to attend. It is one way to build bridges to help governments care for their orphans.

Since 1941 the Washington State legislature has honored our Governor with a breakfast…a prayer breakfast.  For perhaps the 1st time, foreign dignitaries representing Consulates were invited.  Lightshine hosted and facilitated the attendance of Consuls from:  Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras… and Ukraine.  Bon appetite!  Senator Steve O’Ban officially welcomed them.

Pictured (L to R): Dr. Rafael Gonzalez-Vizoso (Chairman of Lightshine)/ Hon. Miguel Velazquez (Peru)/ Hon Clary Monzon (El Salvador)/ Aaron Westlund (DaVita Corp)/ Paul Eklund/ Hon. Edgardo Chavez (Honduras)/ Hon Claudia Gatica (Guatemala)

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