2018 Mexico Conference Coming Soon

Conference Coming:  MEXICO!  OCTOBER, 2018!

THEME: Caring for Abandoned Children by Promoting Resilience and Healing of Trauma
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Niels Rygaard

One study estimates that Mexico has 400,000 homeless children. These children may be neglected and abandoned.  Many are orphaned or runaways. Most have been abused. All suffered traumatic events.

Lightshine is partnering with the government of Baja California Norte to improve the care of traumatized children. Together we are facilitating a training conference for 310 participants from 80 orphanages in Mexico. The THEME of the Conference is:  Caring for Abandoned Children by Promoting Resilience and Healing of Trauma. The keynote speaker is Dr. Niels Rygaard, a Danish child psychologist, and author of a leading textbook on ‘Severe Attachment Disorder’ in children (translated in Spanish as “El Nino Abandonado”). Dr. Rygaard was keynote speaker for the October 2017 Lightshine Conference in Spain titled: “Conversations on Attachment and Resilience”. Rygaard will be joined by Dr. Rafael Gonzalez-Vizoso,  an emergency room physician (and Chairman of the Board for Lightshine). Both will discuss the emotional & medical effects of trauma … and strategies for healing of traumas, and development of resilience in damaged children.

Click here for additional details on the October Conference, providing TRAINING, TOOLS, and SERVICE to help vulnerable children in MEXICO.

  • Target:  310 ATTENDEES (Child Protection employees/ orphanage administrators / therapists)
  • Depth:  Quality training and education (related to diagnosis of disorders & strategies for healing)
  • Breadth:  Help us bring professionals from other Latin American countries for training in Mexico!
  • Healing: Building resilience and providing therapy to heal trauma provides HOPE for kids! Equipping and training the caregivers is the key to giving forgotten kids a ‘chance at life’!
  • HELP US: We need funds for the expense of the conference, and for scholarships. Last year we trained a Team of 7 (Peru, Mexico, Chile & Honduras). Help us expand! Sponsor a professional from Guatemala, Columbia, or other Latino country.