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THE NEED:  Since 2018, Lightshine has been caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children at an orphanage in La Gloria, Mexico (Ninos Co Fe). Mexico, like most countries, does not allow children 18 and over to reside at an orphanage. This issue is called ‘aging out’. Caring for orphans requires proactive planning for career and job training and for an alternative to returning to homelessness, drugs, gangs & the street.

In recent months two 18 year-old boys at Ninos Con Fe have ‘aged out’ (Hugo & Pedro). Several others will turn 18 in 2022. Ninos Con Fe has been given land (20 minutes walk) to develop as a training center/transition home. Hugo & Pedro are camping out, there.

A SOLUTION:   A job training center (lower level) & A transition home (2nd story).

We have an opportunity to build a two-story residential building near the orphanage. The bottom level will house a training facility (barber shop; auto mechanics; perhaps welding). The second story will be a residence for up to 13 teens and 2 house parents. 

Phase One-  Completion of the bottom floor of the present structure by a combination of paid labor (a concrete contractor) and volunteer labor (5 of the teens who will live in the house and 2 adults from the orphanage staff).  Target date: Completion in April 2022.

Phase Two-  Construction of the 2nd story by a Lightshine mission team by steel framing (wood is too expensive/ termite issues). The team will consist of the nucleus of our 2019 Methow Valley construction team and a few others. We will mentor (and be assisted by) older teens who will learn construction skills.  Target date:    May 4 – 12 2022


1. There is an immediate (and growing), significant need to provide housing for boys who have “aged out” of the orphanage (turned 18, or soon to turn 18)

2. A building site has been donated to Ninos Con Fe (10 minute drive; 20 minute walk). We arranged for an engineer & a concrete contractor to visit the site and advise us. The project is viable!  An initial blueprint was drafted and has been sent to Mexico.

3.  Stepping out in faith, we have begun Phase One. Five teens from the orphanage are laboring with the concrete contractor. Phase One should be complete by March 31.

4.  Starting Phase Two is contingent upon receiving sufficient donations to purchase building materials.  Please donate today!


Our goal for 2022 is to develop a transition home for orphans 18 years and older. We continue to establish apprenticeships and to secure funds for college and job training, preparing the older children at Niños con Fé for their eventual adult livelihoods.


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