Niños con Fe – 2022

In 2021 Lightshine teams visited Mexico every other month. In Mexico the government requires orphans who reach age 18 to leave their adopted home. Moving into 2022 our goal is to provide housing and education/job training for the older children residing at Niños con Fe.

In February 2021 Paul and Grisela arranged for construction of a new water system for Niños con Fe. This resource was provided by one of our generous donors. In 2022 please join with us in funding a transition home. This vital resource is a much better option than living on the street. In 2022 at least 6 of our children face this dilemma.


Our goal for 2022 is to develop a transition home for orphans 18 years and older. We continue to establish apprenticeships and to secure funds for college and job training, preparing the older children at Niños con Fé for their eventual adult livelihoods.


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