Dr. Manuela García Quiroga

“I am very grateful to Lightshine for the possibility of attending the Conference in San Sebastián on Attachment and Resilience in Childhood. The conference was a very valuable experience, it allowed me to update my knowledge on the impact of complex trauma in childhood, the neurobiological processes at its base and, especially, the fundamental role of Resilience Tutors, significant people that can mark a difference in the life of a child. On my return, I have carried out a training for 45 professionals working in the Children ́s National Service on the importance of the affective bond in alternative care. I have also given a conference for judges and lawyers at a local university on this same topic. I will continue working in this line and I hope to collaborate in the organization of a conference in Latin America on this subject for the year 2018. It has been very gratifying to meet other participants from Latin America supported by Lightshine, I think we are building an interesting team that will allow us to carry out coordinated initiatives for our countries to improve the conditions of children without parental care. Many thanks again to Lightshine for this opportunity, best regards.”

~Dr. Manuela García Quiroga (Pontificia Catholic University; Valparaiso, CHILE)

Teresa Patricia Topete Gamiño

“A mí estimado patrocinador: Queridos Paul, Grisela y Apreciables miembros Equipo de Lightshine

Su servidora, licenciada en derecho Teresa Patricia Topete Gamiño, me encuentro profundamente agradecida por la oportunidad que me fue otorgada para asistir a la capacitación sobre los niños abandonados o en situación vulnerable, denominada “III Conversaciones Apego y Resiliencia Infantil” en la Ciudad de San Sebastián-Donostia, España, los días 6 y 7 de octubre del año en curso…

Mi objetivo después de asistir a esta capacitación es, si ustedes me lo permiten, continuar apoyando a Lightshine, espero poder colaborar en la organización de una conferencia sobre estos temas en Latinoamérica para 2018, seguir uniendo al equipo de América Latina que se formó al asistir a la Capacitación en España. En mi área laboral, en próximas fechas presentaré un proyecto de manual para utilizar en las Casas Hogar, Orfanatorios, Albergues, etc., de mi Estado…”

~Lic. Teresa Patricia Topete Gamiño (DIF-Child Protective Service; Baja, MEXICO

Lucila Uceda del Campo

“I would like to thank you for choosing me for the Lightshine scholarship “Educación para Liderazgo de Orfanato”. It was a significant experience to attend to the “III Conferencia sobre Apego y Resiliencia”; we also had the great opportunity to talk to Dr. Neils Peter Rygaard in meetings scheduled by you and Grisela.

Thank you very much for your support, which gave me the opportunity to learn and refresh knowledge about attachment, resilience and neuroscience, important subjects in the field of emotional care of abandoned children.”

~Lucila Uceda del Campo; Lima, PERU

José y Karla