Training & mentoring those who care for abandoned and abused children

The KEY to healthy kids is healthy caregivers!!

OUR  NICHE: We specialize in training caregivers and leaders. We bring people together to design healthier environments for abused and abandoned kids.  Instead of warehousing children, we work with caregivers to create a family atmosphere so that orphans and street kids have a fighting chance at life!

PAST:  For nearly two decades, Lightshine provided ‘hands-on’ service to children in orphanages and group homes.  We worked in all phases of child care:

FACILITIES:  (Planning & Construction)

LEGAL:  (Courts & Child Protection Service)

ENVIRONMENTAL:   (Safety & Nutrition)

STAFFING:   (Caregivers & Leadership);

EDUCATION:  (Basic & College/Trade)

HEALTH CARE:  (Medical & Mental)

HEALING TRAUMA:  (Spiritual & Emotional)

PRESENT:  Now, we focus on mentoring others. By providing training & tools for those who care for children (especially in institutional settings – where most orphans reside).