Practical ways to help abandoned & abused children

YES – you really CAN make a difference!!

“In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

You can help abandoned children

  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Training Caregivers
  • Develop Our Team
  • Change the Paradigm

If you are reading this, you already care about troubled kids.  Probably the BIG question in your mind is:

Can my life (or gift) make a difference?  (There are SO many abandoned kids, and they are SO far away!)

Affirming ‘small acts of kindness’, Jesus said:   “And whoever gives one of these little ones just a cup of cold water to drink because he is my disciple, truly I tell you he will in no way lose his reward”  (Matthew 10:42)

Ken Blanchard is a guru in the world of business and management; he’s famous as the author of the “One Minute Manager” (which has sold 13 million copies).   His take on the subject of ‘making a difference’ is worth considering:

“Vision comes alive when everyone sees where his or her contribution makes a difference.”

Starting from obscurity, one woman worked to make a difference in the hopeless world of poverty in Calcutta, India.

Her take on ‘making a difference’ is also worth considering.  In the words of Mother Teresa:

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, feed one.”

Here’s a few ways you can help abandoned children (and there are MILLIONS of them on our planet!)

  1. PROVIDING MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY FOR ABUSED CHILDREN:  This is a NEW goal for 2018.   We are in the process of identifying qualified therapists in Mexico and Peru (some are already on our TEAM- see below).  Your gift can make a difference in children who have been traumatized and need quality professional help to heal.
  1. TRAINING CAREGIVERS:  Often the live-in caregivers who parent homeless children are themselves very needy.  They struggle with having enough for their own children.  Many have not healed from the traumas they suffered as children.   Your financial gifts provide resources for Lightshine to train caregivers and to train the administrators and leaders who manage individual orphanages (or, oversee entire government operations)
  1. DEVELOP OUR TEAM: In 2017 LIGHTSHINE selected seven (7) leaders from four (4) Latin American countries:  Mexico, Chile, Honduras and Peru.  We mentored them during the summer of 2017.  They were required to read and study a leading textbook by Dr. Niels Rygaard on Attachment Disorder (El Nino Abandonado).  They completed essays and completed advanced training in Spain. (See TESTIMONIALS).   Help us add TEAM members to train (from Central and South America).
  1. CHANGE THE PARADIGM! In 2007 Lightshine sponsored and facilitated a conference in Lima, Peru called:  “Ninos En Riesgo” (Children at Risk:  a nickname for ‘Street Children’).   More than 300 psychologists, case workers, and counselors from South America attended.  In 2018 LIGHTSHINE has been invited to facilitate a Training Conference for 400 professionals from Baja Norte California (MEXICO).   Our target is to co-sponsor this even with the Mexican government, providing leaders from the USA, Europe and Latin America to train others.